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Thank you

An appreciated thank you to your staff for your expediency in getting me back on the road last week. No one wants to deal with “Collisions” but it sure helps when you get to deal with professionals like yourselves. -Thanks Aga.

Is there such a thing as GREEN Collision Repair?

At Advanced Collision, we know that repairing vehicles generates a huge amount of waste. These 2 jars to the right contain enough paint to make repairs for the average size accident.

Jar #1 is solvent-based paint. During the spraying process, the red paint pigment is the only part to stay on your vehicle. The rest of the liquid is made up of resins and solvents (VOC’s) that are vented through filters and out into the atmosphere, contributing to green house gases and global warming.

Jar # 2 is a water-based paint. It’s made up of colour pigments and thinned with 10% water. During the spraying process, the pigment stays on the car. The water vapor is filtered and enters the atmosphere as water vapor. The result is a much more environmentally friendly solution!

We are proud to say that at Advanced Collision we have been using water-based paint and strictly monitored, in-house recycling practices for over 3 years. We care about the environment and are leading the way in collision environmental initiatives!